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Musical Signal Processing Course

This semester I am teaching a course on Musical Signal Processing. The course website is available here[…]

Digital Libraries for Musicology paper

Hubert Lévellié Guavin and I have published a paper entitled “Representing and Linking Music Performance Data with Score[…]

ISMIR 2016 Program

The result of months of hard work with Douglas Turnbull and George Tzanetakis establishing the ISMIR 2016 program[…]

Course on Contemporary Trends in Music Theory Research

In the 2016 Spring semester, I’m teaching a special topics graduate seminar focusing on contemporary music theoretic[…]

NEH ODH Lightning Rounds 2015 HD

NEH ODH Lightning Rounds 2015 HD Video of my lightning round talk from the 2015 NEH Digital[…]

ISMIR 2015

I will be presenting two posters at ISMIR 2016. One in the main conference track on a[…]

Course in Studying Musical Performance

This semester I am teaching a graduate seminar in quantitative and qualitative approaches to studying musical performance.[…]

Digital Musicology Study Group

I recently joined Frans Wiering as co-chair of the International Musicological Society’s study group on Digital Musicology.

Society for Music Perception and Cognition

I will be presenting a talk on human perception of musical similarity entitled “Variations on a theme:[…]

Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing

I will be giving a short workshop on pitch analysis in recordings of the singing voice with Pauline[…]