Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing

I will be giving a short workshop on pitch analysis in recordings of the singing voice with Pauline[…]

Mathematics and Computation in Music

I will be presenting a poster entitled “Evaluating Singer Consistency and Uniqueness in Vocal Performances” at the Mathematics[…]

Acoustical Society of America Meeting

I will be giving a talk on “The influence of sung vowels on pitch perception” at the ASA[…]

Musicae Scientiae paper available online

“Recapturing the musical performance data in Seashore’s published performance scores” has been published online. The print release[…]

NEH Digital Humanities Start Up Grant

I am very pleased to announce that my AMPACT project has been award an NEH Digital Humanities[…]

Invited talk at Google

Last week, I gave an invited talk at Google on the current status of my project on[…]

Program Co-Chair for ISMIR 2016

I am pleased to announce that will be serving as a Program Co-Chair for the 2016 International[…]

Talk at IRCAM

This week, I will be giving at talk entitled Tuning In: Analyzing Recorded Vocal Performances at the[…]

Musical Signal Processing

This semester I will be teaching a course for music graduate students on Musical Signal Processing. The[…]

Tribute to David Wessel

A tribute to David Wessel that I co-authored with Carol Lynn Krumhansl, Pysche Loui, and Erv Haftner for[…]